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Rihards Saknītis

Birmingham School of Architecture & Design

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Project 4, Y1

The Pencil, a pop-up shop selling art supplies. An open, social structure during the day, folds up into a safe shelter for the night.

My Projects.




The Bakers Jewel(P5,Y1) a bakery-cafe combined with a home for the bakers family. Active business space and privacy in the Jewelry Quater, Birmingham.

The Bakers Jewel
The Endless Stair

The Endless Stair(P6,Y1) an observatory of time and ones self. A retreat from the buzz of the city in the Warley Woods park Birmingham.

Home of Clay

Home of Clay(P3,Y1) an interior design for a writer and a character by her to live in, revolving around nature and self studies.

The Sound Hoover

The Sound Hoover(P2,Y1) a listening device, zooming in on sounds, cancelling noise and amplifying what you hear.



I have been trying to teach myself creating architectural visualisations and it has led to a couple of projects aside from university.


Photography and making videos has been an extelsively persued interest of mine, which now has become a tool for me at university.


Barža(P0,Y2) a creative space for me. Connecting nature and city life, being located on the banks of river Daugava.

Music&Wine(P2,Y2) An apartment building with an additional function of a music hub. A climber plant facade achieves an ever-changing design. 

Library of Identities

Library of Identities (P3,Y2)  A pop-op library where peoples identities would be collected and talked about. The aim on this project is achieving society depolarisation.

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